Eat more salad : Stock up on homemade vinaigrette!

This is a trick I learned from my cousin Sophie. Make a batch of salad sauce in advance. It reduces the effort to spontaneously eat salad, it’s cheap, and, as long as you don’t use perishable stuff like herbs and onions, it stays fresh indefinitely. Plus, you know what’s inside.

Here is my recipe:

0.5L Vinaigrette

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: easy
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300 grams Olive Oil
150 grams Red Wine Vinegar
40 grams Dijon Mustard
.75 teaspoon salt

blend using an immersion blender.

Pour the salad sauce in the bowl, then add the salad on top, and then toss (don’t pour the salad sauce on the salad). The sauce distribution is a lot better.
You might have noticed that I have used mass instead of volume for the ingredients. It’s my favourite way of measuring; volume is inconsistent because of wildly differing densities, plus it’s easy with a digital scale: put a jug up, press the tare button, pour in olive oil, press again the tare button. You’re quicker than with measuring jugs and not making anything dirty.

Essential Kit for Efficient Family Cooking: A huge Freezer

If there is a single bit of kit that can dramatically decrease cooking times, it’s a large freezer.

Having the capacity to store for long periods batches of food you make should at least halve your total preparation time. It generally does not add a lot more to cooking times to double the quantities, so, just always cook twice the amout of stuff, and, bingo, you’ve just halved your total preparation time.

Things I prepare in huge batches and freeze:

  • Tomato sauce¬†(for pasta)
  • Pesto Sauce
  • Kr√§uterbutter (herb butter)
  • Gulash (done in a large crockpot)
  • Vegetable Soup

Note that you should try to keep the small freezer in your fridge as empty as possible, because then it’s really useful. If it’s crammed, it’s useless.