Peanut Brittle – a tasty, cheap, and unhealthy snack!

This is a really simple recipe which was inspired by the small snacks sold in my local turkish shop. I thought, I can do this!

So here is the recipe:

100 grams roasted peanuts.

120 grams sugar.

Make a dry caramel with the sugar. When you have a light brown caramel, pour all the peanuts in and make sure all the peanuts are well covered.

Transfer the peanut-caramel mass between two silicon sheets, and press down with a heavy pan. Be very careful with the caramel, sugar has a very high specific heat (i.e. it can store a lot of energy) and if it comes into contact with your skin, it will really burn you.

Leave to dry and then break into bits (letting it fall on a hard surface is a good way to do this)

It’s particularly appealing because it manages to combine all the bad things that we like – fat, sugar, and salt. So definitely unhealthy, and a calorie bomb to boot!

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