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Don’t put your eggs in the fridge

Have you noticed that the eggs in markets are not refrigerated? Freshly laid eggs will keep up to three weeks out of a fridge and still be completely fresh. If you put them in the fridge, the three weeks get extended to five weeks, but since we have a regular consumption, our eggs are never […]


Prik glua

One of the many gastronomic delights of Thailand are the fruit stalls. They are ubiquitous and cheap. The vendors sell a wide variety of fruit, usually pineapple, melons, mangos (which tend to be too unripe for our western tastes), and coconut. The fruit are peeled, chopped into bite-sizes, and served in a clear plastic bag […]


Annoy your spanish friends by pressure-cooking paella in seven minutes

I’m a huge fan of modernist cuisine, and can heartily recommend their book Modernist Cuisine at Home, which introduces loads of funky geeky concepts with delicious, reproducible results. Modernist Cuisine at Home They love using pressure cookers, mostly because one has a controlled environment in terms of temperature and air humidity (the latter affects cooking […]


No evidence that organic food is more nutritious

Nutritional quality of organic foods: a systematic review 1,2,3,4 Alan D Dangour, Sakhi K Dodhia, Arabella Hayter, Elizabeth Allen, Karen Lock and Ricardo Uauy 1 From the Nutrition and Public Health Intervention Research Unit (ADD, SKD, AH, and RU) and the Medical Statistics Unit (EA), Department of Epidemiology and Population Health, London School of Hygiene […]